The door closes behind you with the reassuring knowledge you'll be returning to a safe and comfortable home. What a great feeling. That's why we are introducing Comfortability. One simple and comprehensive system that incorporates all the smart devices in your home. Complicated? Not at all. Comfortability makes everything possible. Simple, clever and safe.


The My Comfort App on your smartphone gives you control over all the smart devices in your home. Wherever you are. Turn the lights on at the right time. Check your energy usage. Double check if your alarm is switched on. You can create your own smart world.


Make clever solutions even smarter. Get them to work together! Create a surrounding that's fully aware of your presence and reacts to your needs.


Of course you want to keep your personal information private. That's why we make sure all your data and personal information is stored safely. Information is never shared for commercial or marketing purposes without your consent. Want to know more? Read our privacy statement.


The possibilities of your new smart world are endless. Allow your smart home to work seamlessly in combination with your smart watch, your smart car, electronic agendas, cloud services, professional service providers, and much more.

Safe & Secure

Notifications in and around your house.

Comfortability keeps you up to date on everything that's happening in and around your home. Think:

Motion detection

Smoke detection

Flood detection

Camera detection

Battery status

Signaling of triggered alarms

Simplicity & Comfort

Make life in and around your home safe, easy and comfortable with Comfortability. Think:

Mobile App

Control all your smart devices using just one app, whenever you want, wherever you are.


Create a 'scene' and turn all your smart devices on at the same time with just the touch of a button.


Allow smart devices to turn on automatically when certain conditions are triggered.


There's no more need to guess how much energy your home appliances are using. With the dashboard you're always kept up to date on your energy use.



Trouble? Water problems? The app is alerted and sends messages to you and (potentially) four others. p



Professional services within easy reach.

Solution - Services

Safety first

With Comfortability, services are always within easy reach. You've just gone on holiday and you receive a warning of a problem at home. No need to panic. Pass on the message to our professional alarm receiving centre. We'll make sure someone is sent to solve the problem.